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Unmissable® has delivered more than 6,685 campaigns, creating 57,422 prize-winners since 1999. This market continually evolves and so do we. By surveying our clients and winners we are able to better understand their needs and desires. In difficult market conditions it is vital that companies and brands get effective ROI on their spend. Our substantial experience across prize creation and fulfilment, experiential promotions, staff incentives, events and rewards allows you to avoid costly mistakes. That’s why we’re the industry’s top prize provider and why agencies with brands such as Coca Cola, RBS Insurance, Unilever, Sky, United Biscuits & Sony Ericsson come back to us again and again.

Need to make your brand stand out? Find out what we can do for you:


Whether its last minute or part of next year’s plan, our commitment to you is a quick turnaround response with concepts and ideas that fit your brand’s profile and the theme of the promotion. You’ll also get images and all the t’s and c’s you need.


Times are hard, budgets are tight. We understand that you need solutions that fit your budget, are value for money, and give a great return on the investment.

“There’s none of this ‘ooo that’s going to cost you much more’ attitude with Unmissable. You give them a budget and they work to it.”
LE – Hyper Naked for Cadburys


Knowledge comes from experience. You get the benefit of our advice as well as our creativity. Thus you avoid costly mistakes in this specialized market.

You’ve really been a massive help on this promotion, advising us at each different stage on how we should organise the prizes and the winners for the best possible outcome.”
JP – c/o Star Alliance 


Creativity is key to your success; it’s our passion and our challenge. Each day brings new products and ideas to our doors. Most concepts are created specifically for you and for the promotion you are working on. Our ideas speak for themselves.

I love the way you always come up with different ideas, they are fresh, on the ball, and tailored to suit our needs. Always a pleasure working with you.”
SW – c/o RBS