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Dulux Bonus Booster

You are a tradesman. You plaster, you paint, you wallpaper. You work long hours. And you work hard. You’re the heroes of our undecorated spare bedrooms, the saviours of our leaky taps, and the knights-in-shining-armour saving us from outdated wallpaper, tattered carpets, and ripped vinyl flooring.

When Dulux Decorator Centre’s creative marketing agency came to us to help them develop prizes for Dulux’s Bonus Booster campaign, we knew this was the perfect opportunity to reward the hardworking tradesmen that keep our homes and gardens ship-shape.

The agency created an online reward platform where customers would receive points for their purchases at Dulux which they could redeem against an assortment of tailor-made prizes. The more they spent, the greater the reward.

Twenty thousand customers and tradesmen were invited to take part in the reward scheme meaning we had to create a variety of prizes that would appeal to a wide target audience.

We developed 16 levels of rewards. These ranged from great days out at Level 1, including Comedy Tickets for four and Motorsport Entrance for two, to once-in-a-lifetime opportunities at Level 16, such as the chance to Live like a DJ in New York and Learn to Surf in Hawaii.

A huge proportion of their customers chose our bespoke prizes over being rewarded with Nectar Points, and the campaign had such an impact that it ran for four years and won the agency Gold at the Institute of Promotional Marketing Awards.

With tradesmen and customers relishing rewards ranging Ultimate Rally Driving Days and Luxury Dining Experiences, to Family Holidays in Majorca and Cruises around the Mediterranean, and Dulux Decorator Centres enjoying 550% return on investment and a 15% increase in sales since the campaign, our deluxe prizes proved to be a winner for Dulux.

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