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who we are

Unmissable® was founded in London in 1999 to provide a vast range of exceptional experiences to its customers. Whilst we have grown to a much bigger team since those days, we pride ourselves on providing a bespoke service to our clients around the world.

market background

Unmissable® was the UK’s first internet entrant into a sector that was dubbed by analysts as the ‘experience economy’. We identified that personal values were changing and that people were placing less value on material goods and investing more in experiences and memories that they could share.

We firmly established ourselves as the market leader in this sector and had huge success with PR, marketing and radio industries, as they witnessed the power that prize promotions using these unique experiences have in unlocking a brand’s reputation. Our product and customer base is ever expanding and we are often told that our personal service is the key to our success. We understand the importance of delivering a great experience, for our clients, as well as yours.

Unmissable®’s aims:

  • Creativity:
    To bring your brand alive with the bespoke concepts we create specifically for you.
  • Responsiveness: 
    To reply to you the same day, wherever possible. And to continually monitor our service through feedback gained from you and your winners.
  • Excellence: 
    To bring you brilliant service from passionate, award winning staff. We’ll give your brand’s customers the attention that you may not have the time to give them.
  • Fair price: 
    To give you fairly priced solutions to meet your budget. If the situation ever arises, we’ll happily price match like for like
  • Enjoyment: 
    To make every stage of the process enjoyable; for you, for us and for your customers

We are committed to minimising the effects of our business on the environment. Unmissable® promotions including flights, offer the option to offset against carbon emissions. We are a member of Advantage which is the largest group of specialist travel agents in the UK.